Our in-clinic diagnostic toolkit is a cornerstone in our team being able to work through complex presentations of the animal form. 

We are proud to continually invest in equipment that affords us breadth of investigatory work. 

Our Diagnostic Capabilities

Blood testing

Urine testing

Cytology & Histopatholgy


Digital radiographs

Blood pressure monitoring

cleveland veterinary clinic optalmology




Endoscopy/ Bronchoscopy

Colonoscopy/ Rhinoscopy

Routine Check ups cleveland veterinary clinic

Why is diagnostic testing important?

Diagnostic tests can uncover health issues in their early stages, allowing for prompt treatment. Early intervention often results in more successful outcomes and can save lives.

Tests provide veterinarians with valuable insights, helping them accurately diagnose conditions. This precision is essential for developing effective treatment plans.

For pets with chronic conditions, regular diagnostic testing helps veterinarians monitor the progression of the disease, adjust treatment as needed, and maintain the pet’s quality of life.

Diagnostic testing can identify risk factors or pre-existing conditions in apparently healthy pets. This allows for proactive measures to prevent potential health problems.

For wellness check-ups, tests confirm that a pet is in good health. This reassurance provides peace of mind to pet owners and a baseline for future reference.

Test results guide veterinarians in tailoring treatment plans to each pet’s specific needs, optimising their chances of recovery.

In some cases, diagnostic testing is essential for ensuring the safety of pets and their owners. For example, heartworm testing is crucial to prescribe heartworm preventatives.

Certain diseases that affect pets can also pose risks to human health. Diagnostic testing can help identify and manage zoonotic diseases, protecting both pets and their owners.

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