Free Services

Weight Clinic

For those pets who struggle with their weight, our experienced nurses are able to provide nutritional advice to slim your pet down and get him or her back in top shape.

Overweight dogs do not live as long as they otherwise would.  Being overweight puts strain on the heart, lungs and joints.  If your pet is already overweight, call the clinic and we can arrange to help with a personally tailored weight reduction programme.


Nurse Dental Check

Dental disease is common in companion animals due to build-up of plaque and tartar over the years.  Lack of understanding of the importance of teeth and gum care can lead to gum disease, dental decay and bad breath.  Our experienced nurses will be able to advise whether dental work may be required to remove severely decayed teeth or clean teeth with excessive tartar. Nurse dental checks are a complimentary service accessible to all of our clients.